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Beat Stiffness and Build Robust Hips Instead

“Tight hips” are a common experience, and can leave you feeling pretty pathetic when it comes to movement. The thing is, our hip joints are actually capable of a tonne of movement, so what’s the problem?

Top Mobility Drills For At Home

We sit down all day folded over a computer screen with very little time away from it. The good news is that there’s plenty of things you can do at home to help with this.

Training In Your 30’s

Too many people are concerned with reaching the scary milestone of 30 and don’t realise that it’s actually a blessing. Some people don’t make it this far and now you’re in the prime of your life.

Why Health Positivity Needs To Be The New Trend

It’s taken a while, but we’re finally breaking the boundaries on what society has told us is attractive and desirable.

Set Goals The SMART Way

Setting goals is more than just picking something that you want to do and aimlessly hoping to achieve it. Like most things, effective goal setting comes down to the planning.

Top 10 Home Exercises of 2020

Considering most of us are still plugging away at home with our workouts, I thought I’d start the year with my Top 10 home exercises of 2020.

Tips and Exercises To Improve Shoulder Heath

Shoulder pain is a common problem that sees 4% of adults visiting their GP annually, resulting in approximately 1.5 million consultations in the UK

5 Simple Gliders Exercises That You Can Do

Sliders, gliders, whatever you want to call them; these inexpensive little pieces of kit are a great tool for any workout.

Lockdown Workouts (Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Them)

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Strong Like A Bear

If you’ve seen my social media, then you’ll know that I’m an advocate of the Bear position. Simply…