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Online Coaching

Want to know more about online coaching?

Why do online coaching?

Online coaching is a cheaper option to achieve your goals, whilst still under guidance of a personal trainer. The internet, smart phones and innovative ways to communicate, make online coaching an excellent tool if you’re unable to train in person.

The level of communication you have with your trainer varies, but I offer as much communication as you need or want. The main tool that I use is Trainerize, giving you a personalised platform with everything in one place, including:

  • Workouts sent to your phone 
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Easy nutrition logging
  • Progress pictures 
  • Notifications and reminders 
  • In-app communication

Online coaching works as you train by yourself, but through the online guidance of me. I will develop a programme, nutritional targets, training goals and lifestyle goals for you to complete.


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