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Realistic Rates Of Fat Loss

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Training VS Working Out

Despite the terms being somewhat synonymous, there’s a big difference between someone going to the gym for a workout, and someone going there to train.

Why You Should be Doing Romanian Deadlifts

Whilst all deadlift variations will utilise hinging mechanics (as will squat variations and numerous other exercises), very few train the hinge pattern quite like the RDL.

Bench Press VS The Floor Press

The head-to-head we’ve all been waiting for, the mighty bench press VS it’s partial range cousin the floor press. The bench press is one of the most well-known popular lifts and is probably one of the first lifts you were introduced to at the gym.

Exercises You Should Do More: Bird-dog Row

The bird dog row is a core-based variation on the single arm row that can give  you a higher return on your physical investment when used correctly.

What Is Your TDEE and How Can You Impact It?

Your TDEE stands for your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and makes up the Calories out portion of the CICO model of weight loss (Calories in, Calories out).

Exercises You Should Do More: Chaos Pushups

There’s no cheating with these, and they’re a great tool to develop strength in the stabilising muscles of the shoulder which will translate it other lifts that utilise the shoulder complex.

Chest Day Dynamic Warmup

Who doesn’t love a bit of chest day to kick off the week? Here’s a dynamic warmup for chest day that will prepare you for pain free lifting and all the chest gains you can shake your pecs at.

Exercises You Should Do More: Pallof Press

There’s nothing I like more than a good core exercise that has room for progression and a bunch of variations. Enter the Pallof Press.

Exercises You Should Do More: Suitcase Deadlift

You’ve heard of the deadlift, but i bet you’ve never tried this variation before.   Deadlifts are the…