Nutrition is a complicated topic, one in which many people express their expertise; especially when it comes to weight loss.
With so many “fat loss experts” and self proclaimed nutrition gurus flooding the fitness market, it can be hard to know which advice to take and which to avoid.
Now just to clarify, i am not a Nutritionist or a Dietician from a clinical background. Those titles are reserved for those have earned them through years of studying specific disciplines of nutrition.
However, i am a certified Nutrition Coach who helps clients of various background achieve their goals through nutrition and exercise. 

I like to think this does give me a level of expertise when it comes to this topic, especially on how to coach people through change.

What Is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is a form of 1-1 online coaching that focuses on achieving a certain goal (usually weight loss, weight gain or general healthier living) through the development of targeted nutrition practices.
The most common goals that i have coached clients towards are fat loss, muscle gain and nutrition for health.
More than just setting you a calorie target and asking you to track your calories, Nutrition coaching actually helps you develop the skills required to achieve and sustain your goals longer term.
Nutrition coaching places an emphasis on Nutrition (who would’ve thought it?), but also hones in on lifestyle factors such as stresssleep and recovery.
As movement and nutrition come hand in hand, there’s also scope to develop an exercise routine and develop ways to introduce daily movement into your life.
Nutrition coaching will help you to not only achieve your goals, but also help you to sustain them through the building of fundamental habits and continuous education.
Think of it this way, the change you want to make has to be reflected in the process.
Thus far, you’re not where you’d like to be because you don’t possess the necessary understanding, skills, practices, habits and lifestyle to get there.
Which is totally understandable, because when are we ever really taught anything about nutrition or how to integrate healthy nutritional habits into our lives and goals?
Nutrition coaching can help you change that.

The Importance of Nutrition

As the saying goes… you can’t out-train a bad diet. 
Nutrition is often found to be the hardest part any lifestyle change, and no amount of exercise will improve your nutrition habits.
All too often, training efforts go to waste and results are lost due to the lack of a complimentary nutrition regime. 
Nutrition really is base of the pyramid when it comes making a change, and your efforts can either be your greatest tool or greatest hindrance. 
From Macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) to Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, myconutrients, zoonutrients) and hydration; the importance of sound nutrition cannot be understated.

With nutrition coaching, you can be sure that your nutrition is in safe hands so you can focus your efforts on making a real, sustainable change.

How Does Nutrition Coaching Work?

Nutrition coaching works in a very similar way to how fitness coaching works.
There’s a programme, which is built around your individual goals, needs and wants.
Each week, we will have some sort of check in (zoom call, phone call etc) to discuss the previous week and look forward to the next.
Between us, we will agree on specific targets, objectives and tasks for each week that pertain to your individual goal.
Depending on your goal, we will agree on certain metrics to measure each week to ensure we’re on the right track and adjust accordingly.
Whether fat loss, muscle gain or healthier living; we can achieve the body and health you deserve through nutrition coaching.


The system I use to coach Nutrition based clients is the same as my other online coaching clients, you can see demo videos here.

Me As Your Coach

With all my coaching practices, i like it to be a collaborative process in which you play a role in your own journey.
We’re all different and respond in different ways to both Nutrition and Exercise.
More than that, we each have different lives with different circumstances that create a need for the paths to our goals to be individualised.
That’s why i like to emphasise YOU at the centre of the coaching process 
I’m not here to give you a cookie cutter approach, or just tell you to count your calories. 
I’m here to help you understand why certain things will be beneficial to you, what’s conducive to your goals and how you can build up the skills and practices required to achieve and sustain them.

How To Start Today

If you want to take action towards your goals through Nutrition today, you can fill out an application form here
Alternatively feel free to contact me through my contact form here, or message me on social media here.
Naturally, there’s limited space for online coaching services, especially those that require 1-1 contact time such as Nutrition coaching.
I look forward to helping you achieve and sustain your goals through nutrition!

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