Exercises You Should Do More: Suitcase Deadlift

You’ve heard of the deadlift, but i bet you’ve never tried this variation before.
Deadlifts are the top of the pyramid when it comes to hinging exercises (as Dr John Ruisin’s teachings would say)
But whilst the deadlift is most peoples go to, there are a tonne of variations you should be considering for all kinds of performance and pain free gains.
Enter the suitcase deadlift.

The Suitcase Deadlift

The suitcase deadlift has a pretty self explanatory name.
Picture holding a suitcase, and then picture yourself completing the deadlift movement whist holding that suitcase.
Simple right?
The reason you should be doing this exercise more is that it challenges your body in a way that you probably rarely challenge yourself in…
Anti-lateral flexion.
Anti-lateral flexion is the ability to resist bending the spine from side to side against a load.
Your capacity to resist lateral flexion comes down to the obliques, which are often overlooked when it comes to core training and development.
Not only that, but picking a single item up off of the floor at your side is pretty representational of your real life.
So i guess you could call the suitcase deadlift a “Functional Exercise
Without further ado, here’s the suitcase deadlift

Main Muscles Worked: External/internal obliques, Transversus abdominus, Hamstrings, Glutes

How To Do It

1) Start with the load at your side (I’m using a dumbbell on an elevated platform, but you can also use a kettlebell or barbell)
2) Drive back through the hips, keeping your spine neutral, feet flat and weight in your heels)
3) Brace your core, squeeze the load and squeeze the fist of your free hand.
4) Grabbing the weight, pull up through the hips, keeping your spine neutral, hips level and avoid the urge to bend towards the load

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