Personal Training

Fastest way to your results

Personal Training offers you full support, accountability and peace of mind that your training is in safe hands! I spend much of my time helping busy people, especially in corporate jobs, get fit, healthy and achieve their goals.

Free Consultation

There's no immediate commitment with Personal Training, as the consultation is free! Why not come along and have a discussion on what you'd like to achieve, before experiencing what it'll be like to have me as your trainer with a taster session.

1-1 or Couples Training

It doesn't matter if you're solo, have a friend, a partner or a spouse. With Personal Training you can either train by yourself (with me of course), or bring a partner along to enjoy the journey.

Online Coaching

Cost Effective

Online Coaching or Online Training, is a cost effective way to have all the support of a Personal Trainer. Through using the Trainerize App, I can send you a custom programme, with notifications, scheduling, video demonstrations, periodisation phases, nutritional support (MyFitnessPal connected), in-app communication and updates on any changes. Online Training is an excellent way to keep your costs down, but still have as much support from me as you need!

Time Efficient

With no scheduled appointment with a Personal Trainer, you have the flexibility of your own training schedule. Although workout days and times will be advised, these are adaptable to your immediate needs.

Continuous support

With the use of the Trainerize App, I can support you with in-app communication, see the progress of all your workouts, change your workouts and set goals and targets for you to complete. You are also able to contact me via my email, phone or through the app with any queries.

Programme Design

Designed Specifically

All programmes should be designed for the individual. There will always be similarities between programmes, but ultimately the exercises and workouts should be built for you. My programmes are created specifically for your needs.

Fully Periodised

Micro, meso and macro cycles are all considered when building a programme. Depending on how long you want your programme to be, what the goal of the programme is and what your experience is, will impact how it is periodised.

Your most cost effective option

Programme design is a one off payment and will vary depending on the size of your programme. It's the most cost effective way to have input from me as a personal trainer and can be a very effective tool when implemented to it's fully capabilities.