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Sliders, gliders, whatever you want to call them; these inexpensive little pieces of kit are a great tool for any workout.
Whether you’re at home or at the gym, gliders provide you with a whole new library of exercises to play with. 

Looking for a cheap pair? Mirafit sell them for £4.95 and you can buy them here

The best thing about gliders is that they allow you to move in pretty much every plane of movement, smoothly transitioning between exercises.

Fantastic for the current situation where ideas for home workouts can run thin pretty quick. 

I use a variety of tools when I’m personal training or online coaching my clients, but nothing gets the same feeling of dread then when I bring out these innocent looking discs.

Perhaps only when I programme bear crawls……

If you don’t have any gliders or can’t find any, then try using a towel, sock or glossy magazine instead.

Here are my Top 5 Gliders Exercises that anyone can do.

The Pike

Key Points

  1. Start in a hand plank position, with your wrists stacked under you shoulders and feet on the gliders 
  2. Drive your hips into the air, pulling your feet under you, towards your hands 
  3. Think of drawing in through the belly button and pushing your hips into the air 
  4. Slowly unfold the body, back to the start position


  • Pull through the hips and trunk
  • Don’t hyperextend the spine on the reverse part of the movement

Roll Outs

Key Points

  1. Start in an elbow plank position with your feet on the gliders
  2. Maintaining this position, push your body away from your elbows as far as you can whilst holding the starting frame 
  3. Pull yourself back to your elbows and repeat


  • Keep a neutral spine throughout
  • Don’t rock all the way back to your heels

The Body Saw

Key Points

  1. Start in a quadruped position, knees on the floor and hands under your shoulders, placed on the gliders.
  2. Keeping your spine neutral, slide your body out, extending your arms and lowering your hips and chest towards the floor 
  3. Pull yourself back to the start position, maintaining your neutral spine


  • Push your hips up through the Glutes, not the lower back
  • Dig your heels in

Hamstring Curls

Key Points

  1. Start in a supine position, heels on the gliders
  2. Push your elbows into the floor to create stability, hover your hips off of the floor with the majority of your weight now resting on your upper back and arms.
  3. Pull your heels towards your bum and extend them back to the start position


  • Keep a neutral spine throughout
  • Don’t push yourself too far away to start, find where you can comfortably go and work from there

Lateral Lunge

Key Points

  1. Start in a standing position with one foot on the glider.
  2. With a neutral spine, drive the leg on the glider away from the body whilst you lunge on the standing leg 
  3. Driving back up off of the standing leg, pull the extended leg back to the standing position


  • Keep your foot flat on the standing leg, weight slightly shifted in heel
  • Drive your hips back whilst your lunge on standing leg

Putting It Into Practice

Unsure on how to put these exercise into practice to make an effective home workout?


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