Lockdown Workouts (Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Them)

Home workouts don’t have to be a dreaded experience that you feel you “have to do”


One thing about home workouts is that they give you an incentive to be creative with what you have


The trick of course, is knowing what to do.


Here are my tips for making the most out of them.


Manipulate the variables

If you have no equipment then in reality you’ll be using your bodyweight for the majority of exercises (please don’t leg press the sofa)
With load unlikely to increase (unless you truly pile on the pounds), you’ll want to manipulate the other variables that contribute to a Progressive programme

Bodyweight feeling lighter than that stacked bar on your back? Then up the reps. Using more reps in bodyweight training is the most basic way that you can progress your workouts and make them harder enough in the first place to elicit a training response.

Tip: Use AMRAP.
AMRAP or As Many Reps As Possible, is simply you doing as many reps as you can for the required number of sets.
Make sure you note down how many reps you do when you use AMRAP, do you can do your best to beat that rep count when you next use not (i.e. the next week)

Manipulating the tempo of your reps increases the time that your muscles spend under tension. With have three types of muscular contraction that are involved in movement.

Concentric – The muscle shortens as it contracts (think of the pulling phase in a bicep curl)
Eccentric – The muscle lengthens as it contracts (think of the lowering phase in a bicep curl)
Isometric – The muscle length doesn’t change as it contracts (think of trying to bicep curl a 100kg dumbbell and it not budging one bit).
With manipulating the tempo, you can increase the time that you spend in any one of these phases to make an exercise harder.
The main one to look at with tempo training is the eccentric portion of a movement.
Take the squat for example. Instead for bouncing straight up and down, just worrying about throwing some weight around; focus on controlling the lowering portion of the squat for an extended period of time.
A good tempo to start with is the 3-1-1 tempo. 3 seconds eccentric (lowering down), 1 second isometric (hold at the bottom), 1 second concentric (back to the top).
The more advanced you get, the longer you can draw these out and start to play around with all three of them.

Take less rest in between sets.

With less load, naturally your CNS and energy systems will be able to recover quicker. So make the most of it.
Adapt your training to your new bodyweight routine, take less rest between sets and exercises.
This way you can make each set progressively harder as you carry some of that fatigue through to the next set and next exercise.
Supersets, Tri-sets and Giant Sets

Simply put, combine your exercises back to back.

Supersets are two exercises back to back.
Tri-sets are three exercises back to back.
Giant sets are four exercises back to back.
Combine your exercises (in the smartest way possible), to ramp up your work load, volume and intensity of your workouts.
If you can implement all of these things effectively, then you can have some pretty effective home workouts.
Unsure on how to do this? Then why not try my lockdown 2.0 home workout programme.
Now more than ever is a time to get creative with your training.
Your body can move in all sort of ways, and if done effectively, you can find some pretty tough exercises that involve just the use of your bodyweight.
Take the bear crawl for example, a fantastic exercise with a bunch of variations that are sure to give you a hard workout.
See my strong like a bear article for some inspiration.

Buy some equipment

 Unlike the last lockdown, people aren’t going ape shit and buying everything and anything to see them through an apocalypse.
If you want some equipment, you can easily purchase it.
Without giving you a review on each, here’s my best pieces of equipment for a home workout.
I love the TRX. It’s super versatile and there is literally a whole library of exercises that you can do with it.
Standard pieces of gym equipment, but more to the point, super affordable. You can get these anywhere but decathlon does a pretty good deal
Another super versatile piece of equipment that requires some skill to wield. Harder to find right now, but Mirafit may provide you with some hope.
Pull-up Bar
Pull-ups are good no matter the circumstance. I use them all the time with clients and when training myself. Amazon is your best bet here.
Angles90 Grips
A wildcard thrown into the mix, the angles90 are just fantastic. Have a look at full set and have your own at home or park workout kit.

Hire a coach

Lack of know-how is the reason that we all fail at well.. most things really
Hiring a coach in these times is a great way for you to become accountable to your training and stay on track whilst at home.
With a coach, you can be sure to achieve your goals.
Don’t let lockdown 2.0 become an obstacle, the year isn’t over yet.
With me, you can train online through my downloadable app, with constant support and guidance.
My lockdown 2.0 home workout programme is adaptable to any goal, and requires no equipment to complete
If you do have equipment, or wish to get some, we can adapt and change your programme to suit.
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