Warming Up

Warming up before a session is not usually a priority for most gym goers.


After all, who wants to spend time doing tedious mobility and activation exercises, when you can dive straight into the action?


Well, I do..


As far as I’m concerned, there’s no excuse not spend at least 5 minutes prepping yourself for exercise; especially when there’s heavy lifting involved.


When I’m training clients, I also make sure that the warmup is specific to the movements we’re about to do. Especially when we’re pushing.


The generic cardio warmup just doesn’t cut it when it comes to lifting. If you’re doing big lifts, then you need to get more specific and think about how you can best prepare your body. 

Upper Body Push

Upper body push exercises (e.g. bench press), may be the most important exercises to prep for.


Jumping straight into a working set on the bench press is not going to do you, or your body, any favours in the long term.


You may get an ego boost in the short term, with everyone in the gym watching what a hardcore, fearless lifter you are (sense the sarcasm); but you’ll soon come undone if you keep it up.


All too often are shoulders wrecked due to a lack of a considerate warmup.


Why let a lack 5-minute warmup cost you a longer, successful lifting career?


Longevity reigns supreme in the gym, so let’s find out how you can add years to your lifting game.

Band Pull-aparts Wide

Key Points

  • Hold the band out at shoulder height and arms length
  • Ensure that there is tension on the band from the start
  • Open the band, towards your chest squeezing your shoulder blade together
  • Keep a proud chest and tall posture throughout

Band Pull-aparts Narrow

Key Points

  • Hold the band with elbows bent, slightly away from the body
  • Ensure that there is tension on the band from the start
  • Open the band, towards your chest and externally rotate your shoulders
  • Keep a proud chest and tall posture throughout

Scapular Stability

Key Points

  • Place a mini band around your wrist, ensuring there’s tension from the start
  • In a row like movement, pull your elbows back and squeeze your shoulder blades
  • Keeping the tension, pull your elbows under the band and press above your head
  • Keep a proud chest and tall posture throughout


Key Points

Any row will work here, but I’ve opted for a single-arm row

  • Extend your hips back, keep your spine neutral
  • Pull through your elbow, keeping your arm tight to the body

Movement Warmup

Key Points


  • Hans under your shoulders, maintain a neutral spine 
  • Lower your chest to the floor in a controlled manner 
  • Push yourself back to the top, squeezing your chest as you do so
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