Strong & Sustainable Method

Strong and Sustainable Method

Adaptable Programming
£ 60 Monthly
  • App download
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Habit Coaching
  • Progress Tracking
  • In-App Communication
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The strong and sustainable method follows my principles of training that can be applied to any goal.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger or simply improve your life; my strong and sustainable method can help you get there.

I’m an advocate of training to live and not living to train, so with this method you will be given all the tools you need to build your training into your existing lifestyle.


Programming Options: 

3 day foundations (Beginner)

3 day programming

4 day programming


You will automatically be enrolled on the 4 day program but will be given the option to change whilst completing the initial forms when signing up


In-app Support

Contact me in the app with two way messaging. Record and send videos of your form, for continuous guidance.

MyFitnessPal Nutrition

Download and connect MyFitnessPal to keep your nutrition and training all in one place!

Progress Tracking

Input your weight, body measurements and progress pictures to monitor your development. Tracking software in the app will map your progressions from workout to workout.

Scheduled Calendar

Have your workouts with exercise videos, nutrition, daily habits and progress updates scheduled on your own personal calendar. Receive notifications and keep on top of your training.