What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is everywhere, with trainers being told they need to “pivot online” as this is the “future of the industry”


Whilst I disagree that this is the future of the industry, online coaching definitely has its place and is an excellent tool to reap the results of having a personal trainer, with a more flexible and affordable approach.


Online coaching is a form of personal training from a distance, where the online coach provides you with a training programme to complete, with any other coaching to supplement it. Typically, this is nutrition coaching and lifestyle coaching, depending on the individuals goals, wants and needs.


It’s important to note that training, nutrition and lifestyle do come hand in hand and this is factored into the online coaching process.


As with personal training sessions, each online coach will have a different approach in the way that they do things and what they offer as a service.


Whilst I can’t speak for others, I can inform you on my methods of online coaching and why you should consider it.

My Service

With me, I offer a comprehensive approach with a fully personalised training programme that is developed based on your individual needs.


After a consultation process and simple movement screen, I will develop a programme that is suited to you, your body, your needs and your goals.


As with any good programme, it will be progressive and adaptable. I review programme progress each week, making the necessary progression/regression for the next.


 The programme is half the battle, with the other half coming from nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


As a certified nutrition coach, I will coach you through the nutrition process towards your goals. I offer more than just setting you a calorie target to follow,  I will help you to form and develop key nutrition behaviours, habits and lifestyle changes.


All of which are fundamental to making a sustainable change.

What You Get

Train Anywhere At a Time That Suits You


With online coaching you can train anywhere and any time, with your programme built around your schedule. Where you’d have to cancel a session if a meeting over ran with 1-1 PT,  you can simply push back your training and keep the ball rolling with online coaching.




Online coaching is a fantastic way to achieve results at more affordable price. With data gathered in all elements of your training (nutrition, exercise and lifestyle), I will be able to review our progress each week and pinpoint what areas we can further develop to continuously push for the best results.


All Your Training and Nutrition In One Place


Online coaching with me is delivered through a convenient software that you can access via my downloadable app or dashboard on my website. Through this dashboard (app or desktop) you can access your training programme, coaching tasks, PDF documents, forms, explainer videos, progress tracking and more.


Weekly Check in Calls


As a minimum I offer weekly check in calls with clients to give feedback, answer any questions and plan for the week ahead.


If you’re unable to attend a check in call or prefer not to have one; I will record video feedback and leave it in the app for you to access at your own convenience.


Continuous  Support


As well as the above, you will also be able to message me either in the app or directly to my phone. This was I can answer questions day to day, as well as support you throughout the coaching process.

How It's Delivered

Dashboard Demo

Programme Demo

Coaching Demo

Tracking Demo

The Process

Step 1 – Arrange A Consultation


The first step in achieving your goals is to arrange a free consultation with me. Consultations are held virtually over zoom (or phone call if you prefer) and last approximately 1 hour.


The consultation process is an opportunity for me to get to know you, understand your goals, why you want to achieve them and lay out the best route forward for you to start making a change.


The consultation process is also about you getting to know me, asking as many questions as you can think of and deciding if you think I’m a right fit for you!


Step 2 – Onboarding Process


The onboarding process includes any payment to be made before starting our coaching journey together. 


You will fill out a few forms to consolidate the information discussed in the consultation, before completing a virtual movement screen to enable me to see how you move and develop our best route forward.


Step 3 – Coaching and Results


With the extremely fun admin side of things done, we can now get down to the coaching process.


At this point, you will have access to your app and dashboard, with your programme uploaded into the app for you.


We will have a weekly check in call scheduled in each week at a time that suits you, and your coaching task(s) for the week also planned out. 

Why You Should Consider It

Online coaching gives you the freedom to achieve your results around your own schedule, whilst benefitting from having an expert right in your pocket.


It’s no secret that it’s easier to achieve results with the help of a professional, and now that help is more accessible than ever.


If you’re struggling to achieve the results you want, or it’s taking longer than you imagine and/or you’re just not sure what you’re doing; then you’re not alone.


Change is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. With online coaching,  you can start to achieve real results today and pave the way for a strong and sustainable body.


If you’re unsure on me, then check out my about me page or my instagram. You’ll see that I am extremely passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and putting as much good information out there as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

To start with Online Coaching today simply fill out my consultation form here and we can arrange a time that suits you!


Alternatively you can book a time slot via my calendar here


Typically consultations are held over Zoom but happy to do a phone call if that suits you better. 


Time slots are booked out for an hour and will usually last this long. They will not go over an hour in length, but may go under depending on in the individual.

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Sam is a Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Fitness Educator with background in achieving results for a variety of clients. Sam now specialises in Pain Free Performance, helping people across the world to achieve their goals safely and effectively. 

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