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Considering most of us are still plugging away at home with our workouts, I thought I’d start the year with my Top 10 home exercises of 2020.
Don’t let gym closures stop you, you can still get active and make plenty of progress home in 2021. 

Archer Pushup

Archer pushups develop your pushup strength by placing more resistance on one arm.


Typically they’re done with one arm extended, but the addition of the glider makes them easier to manage and more joint friendly.


A great exercise to boost your pushup game and work your way to that elusive one arm pushup.

Hollow Overhead Extensions

Hollow body exercises are great way to challenge your core and turn usually simple exercises into harder ones.


A classic is the hollow shoulder press, but this variation will be sure to get your core firing.


You don’t have to use a dumbbell, any manageable weight that you can lift overhead will do.

Bear Dogs

This exercise is a progression to the commonly used “Bird Dog”, which is pretty much the same but with your knees in contact with the floor.


The bear position is harder as it forces to focus on stabilise the hip complex throughout the whole movement.


Make sure you avoid twisting through the trunk and keep control of your limbs throughout.

Macarena Plank

Couldn’t think a more suitable name than this, if you’ve got a better suggestion let me know in the comments section!


This is a progression to the standard plank, but challenges you in two new ways as you spend more time on one arm with your arms getting further way from the body each time.

Bear Taps

Similar to the Bear Dog above, the Bear Tap will challenge your further as you take away one of your pillars of support.


This increasingly challenges your ability to stabilise the spine and hips as you have to resist rotation.

Atomic Pushup

One of the cooler sounding pushup variations, the atomic pushup is a combination of a pushup and a sliding pike. 


Great to progress the standard pushup but also to involve the core more and get some bang for your buck.

Weighted Dead-bug

The dead-bug deserves it places among some of the key core exercises that everyone should be doing. 


This weighted variation for those who a little bit more advanced when it comes to core movement.


Want to take it up another notch? Add the use of a mini-band over the feet.

Gliders Roll-outs

The ab roll-out is a great core exercise and deceptively challenging!


Like me, you may not have a wheel to use at home, so gliders will do the trick just as well.


Extend your body out, keeping your spine neutral and avoid any excessive extension.

Gliders Roll-outs

One of the most effective single leg exercise you will do.


Easier and safer than the pistol squat, but just as effective.


The skater squat is sure to torch those Glutes. Want to make it harder? I find these are best suited to a weighted vest.

Hamstring Curls

Everything seems to be push, push, push when doing home workouts.


Especially for the legs.


Don’t neglect your hamstrings and give them the workout they deserve with these sliding curls.

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