Online Personal Training is a popular phenomenon that enables you to have the guidance of a Personal Trainer, without the in-person and financial commitment. Here is a handy guide on how you get started.

What is Online Personal Training?

Online Personal Training enables you to have a more flexible approach to your training. Personal trainers will differ in the service that they offer, but with me you can expect the following. You will train by yourself, using a specifically designed programme that has been developed for you and tailored to your goals. Online Training still requires a commitment from both parties but is more flexible as you don’t have to meet in person. Online Personal Training is cheaper than 1-1 training, costing £79 a month (Cheaper than 2 PT sessions!)

Getting started

Trainerize App

The easiest way to do Online Personal Training, is via a platform that keeps everything in the same place. I currently use Trainerize.

Trainerize lets me to send you your workouts directly to your phone, allowing you to track your workouts, easily log your nutrition, get notifications and reminders, whilst also being able to connect other devices (fitbit etc). There is also 1000s of video demonstrations available so you can see each exercise before you start your workout. Through Trainerize I can schedule your whole week and notify you of an upcoming task! Easy right?

Trainerize also allows for communication between the two of us with instant messaging functions all in the App. All of this gives you constant support from me, whilst giving me all the information I need to coach you effectively. The download of the actual app is free, the only cost is my monthly charge to you (which is cheaper than 2 PT sessions!). To get started, you’ll first have a consultation with me, before being sent a personalised invitation to the App.


Before starting, you will have a free consultation with me to ensure there’s no contraindications to exercise, discuss what you’re looking for, agree on goals and give you plenty of opportunity to ask me any questions. If you’re able, I would also suggest doing a movement screen which would be most likely in video format (if you’re unable to meet me in person). This will help to guide certain elements of the programme and tailor it to your body. The consultation itself is best being done through Skype, in the App or a phone call. I will also require you to complete a short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). All of which can be done within the Trainerize App!

Your part

The main thing you need to do, is show up! If you stick to the planned sessions per week, complete the workouts designed for you, keep on top of your nutrition targets and check-in at the agreed times (these being flexible); you’ll soon hit your goals. You may also need to take certain measurements and progress pictures, depending on your goals and what you have available to you. This is done to accurately track your progress and develop further goals. These can be anything from the following:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Progress Pictures
  • Waist Measurement
  • Hip Measurement
  • Other Measurements (Chest, arm, leg etc)

This list isn’t exhaustive and anything else that we agree may be relevant, can be included at your convenience.

Throughout your Online Personal Training, you will also be encouraged to provide me with video feedback on certain exercises, to ensure that you are performing them effectively. However, I fully understand if you feel uncomfortable doing so and this will be taken into consideration when planning your programme.

What if you can’t/don’t want to use Trainerize?

If you can’t or don’t want to use the Trainerize App for your Online Personal Training, then you can do things more traditionally. You will still be given the same Support, Programme and Goals; they will just be facilitated through different means. This will be through Excel Spreadsheets, your own workout log recordings, email support and skype. Contact me for more information.

What Support do you get?

I offer:

  • Continuous Programme Development
  • Online App/Email/Phone Support 7 days a week
  • Skype/Phone check-ins
  • Video Feedback
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Goals Setting
  • Progress Tracking

For further info and to book your free consultation you can contact me here –

Phone: 07896919388



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