The Real Air Assault

The Real Air Assault

The Real Air Assault

Ever had that feeling of hating something that you love at the same time? This is what the Air Assault Bike does to me every time I use it. With fitness technology at an all-time high, a modest bike with giant fan has made an impressive comeback.

Who really needs the gimmicks that have been brought around with the rise of fitness technology? Having a virtual tour of the French alps whilst you ride on the stationary bike may be cool, but ultimately it’s pointless.

The air assault bike, however, is brutal. I usually implement a 15 seconds on – 45 seconds off protocol with clients, but if you’re looking to test yourself – try this real assault challenge. 

Try increasing your work rate through utilising the calorie output. Start with 3 calories, then 6, then 9, 12, 15 etc. An example is as follows: 

3 calories – Rest the remainder of the minute.

6 calories – Rest the remainder of the minute.

9 calories – Rest the remainder of the minute.

Etc, etc

The first 3 calories will feel light as a breeze, as you’ll be working for about 6 seconds with a 54 second rest. Appreciate it whilst you can, as before you know it your work rate will be soon out matching your rest periods. 

See what number you get up to, anything over 21 is pretty decent in my book….

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