We seem to be in an age of over-diagnosing and under appreciating the long-standing remedies to a healthy life. It’s easy to go to your doctor for a medicinal solution, as pills are easily prescribed and easily taken (requiring minimal commitment from both parties). However, many commonly diagnosed problems are just as susceptible to the implementation of exercise. Exercise has shown to be effective as a medicinal prescription for up to 26 separate conditions, from psychiatric (anxiety, depression, stress), metabolic (obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes), cardiovascular (hypertension, coronary heart disease) and musculo-skeletal problems (back pain, arthritis). (Pederson & Saltin, 2015; Sallis, 2009). 

The use of exercise is also directly linked in minimising the risk of developing these conditions, most notably cardiovascular issues, metabolic conditions and musculo-skeletal deterioration (Braith & Stewart, 2006). This isn’t a new revelation, but rather an overlooked remedy in the search for the easiest solution. The use of exercise may not be an immediate cure but can certainly be solution to help you live a longer, healthier life.

It’s important to note that, whilst treating exercise as a medicine, it should also be given in the appropriate doses. First consult a GP or specialist, as those who suffer from a cardiovascular problem may need a different type and dose of exercise, than those with a psychiatric or musculo-skeletal condition. Your GP or specialist will be able to outlay any restrictions your condition may cause, before you consult a specialist in exercise to help you.

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