I’m not the biggest fan of the whole “new year, new me” drive that comes with the 1st of Jan. However, what better time is there to wipe the slate clean and get started on your goals? Sometimes a turbulent year can change the direction of your goals and put you on a different path than what you first intended. That’s life. I’m a strong believer of setting adaptable goals that will fit in with the ever-changing landscape of your life. The new year is a fantastic time to set these goals, as you can look ahead to a fresh 12 months, with the twists and turns of 2019 behind you. 

So, you don’t have to be a “new you” this year, but you can take advantage of a fresh page in your book. Why not kickstart your new year with a personal trainer? https://fitnitiative.co.uk/contact/

Sam is a Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Fitness Educator with background in achieving results for a variety of clients. Sam now specialises in Pain Free Performance, helping people across the world to achieve their goals safely and effectively. 

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