I recently had a client bring up the point that their weight on the scale hadn’t dropped much in the past two weeks, but they were happier with what they saw in the mirror.

Sometimes this point isn’t addressed enough, as we are always looking for something quantifiable to measure ourselves against. 

The thing is, weight loss and fat loss are two different things. Your weight accounts for everything that you are, from muscle and fat; to organs, bones and water. 

Fat loss, however, accounts for fat loss, that’s all.

It’s important to take into consideration the other areas that improve and influence your weight as you lose fat. The key one being, muscle mass. Depending on your training, if you’re using resistance training as a foundation (which most people should), then you’re going to increase your muscle mass.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to look like Mr or Mrs Olympia (unless you’re training that way of course). It means that your body is responding to the training the way it should, and that since muscle takes up less space but weighs more than fat, you can look slimmer but weigh the same.

Another important factor is fluid weight. The rate at which our bodies retain fluid, differ between people and even more so between genders. Hormones can play a big role in how we retain fluid, build and repair tissue. External factors in personal life can influence training if they result in stress, having a knock-on effect on hormonal balance in the body. 

If you’re using scale weight as a tool to track your progression, follow these few simple tips

  • Weigh yourself at the same time on the same day (when you first wake up)
  • Use the same scales 
  • Ensure your scales are electronic
  • Measure in lbs 
  • Measure yourself to the decimal

Lastly, it’s important to remember that weight loss is rarely a linear journey from point A to point B. Your weight will fluctuate, some days showing a loss and others a gain. It’s only when you look at the picture as a whole you can see that the place you end up is a positive change from where you began.

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Sam is a Personal Trainer, Online Coach and Fitness Educator with background in achieving results for a variety of clients. Sam now specialises in Pain Free Performance, helping people across the world to achieve their goals safely and effectively. 

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